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Constant development of information exchange

E – business is potentially the biggest boom the world has ever known. Despite the bursting of the bubble, few of us can even contemplate the massive potential of business on the net and the effect it will have on our lives.

You are reading this because of E-business, and we would love to do some with you. Loquax was there on the ground floor of E-business and for several years has been using it wisely to gain clients, to expand our vast network of translators and other experts, and for our clients professionally and successfully maximising the potential of E-busiess to inform, motivate and generate swift response. The more people reply early the more people reply

So let us do the same for you. Our vision of business, our international reputation and experience, are all here to share with YOU. Loquax experts and consultants see your needs and try to satisfy them 100%

Typical needs
E-business globalisation
Internet settlement systems
IT and e-business
Management systems
Managing information
Managing website services
Market research & analysis
Programming languages
Text internationalisation
Theory of Internet application design
Website software programming

When cooperating with Loquax you can be sure that we are at the cutting edge of consciousness of national or regional privacy, regulations, the creative & technical side of E-mailshots, “Subject” control, viruses, security, payment systems, and many more key issues. So the structure and effectiveness of your E – business is in safe hands with us. Waiting for you in our In-Box!

If you have any questions, please contact us.

We welcome you enthusiastically to use our services.
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