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Pricing policy

Customised pricing strategies

Loquax pricing policy is in keeping with our working style - aiming to meet the client’s needs and expectations, and a quality assurance policy constantly being developed and customised.

Depending on your needs as our client, completion costs of translation jobs may vary considerably. That's why Loquax, on every occasion, tries to first recognise your priorities on the project in hand to identify the real need, find the best solution and quote a fair price accordingly

In reality, not only does Loquax embark on projects requiring standard verification procedures, but it also pursues assignments that call for meeting the most rigorous standards of quality control and multi-layered verification procedures. When costing projects or any of our services, we guarantee that the price we suggest is always competitive!

These are some of the factors influencing price

Area of expertise
Degree of text specialisation
Purpose & intended use (e.g. publication, confidential documents etc.)
Special correction procedures (e.g. ‘back-translation’)
Project size
Language pair(s)
Software required
Editing and graphic format required
Closing date & deadline

When working with Loquax you can be sure that the finished material you receive from us will be up to your expected quality standards & within budget.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

We welcome you enthusiastically to use our services.
‘Before’ price
This is what makes us special
We always try to establish in advance an actual overall cost for project completion. Thanks to this procedure, our clients can commission our services knowingly - not worrying about unpredictable final completion costs.

‘After’ service
The prices we quote are bound by our ‘guarantee service’. If there’s any need to make any changes to the material you originally present, you can count on our help - professionalism always matters!

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