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ArrayTraductions écrites – toute sorte de documents
ArrayConférences, réunions – interprétation et assistance technique
ArrayTraduction et localisation des pages Internet
ArrayElaboration graphique et préparation des documents pour l’impression (DTP)
ArrayLocalisation des logiciels
ArrayTraductions des documents audiovisuels
ArrayService interprete – accompagnateur – consultant
ArrayCorrection de textes / Relecture

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No matter how careful you are, or our translators, in preparing your material, the final printed, published or downloaded version is what counts. Human or computer error, miniscule nuances of technical or cultural or local meaning, the EXACT right preposition, italics, punctuation, title case or not – the list of pitfalls is endless. We are past masters in this situation – your “safety net”.

Every word, phrase, formula, matrix, processed by us and submitted for final use by the target reader is checked and double checked to meet and exceed the highest publishing standards of the target country.

Loquax provides professional proofreading and editing services in more than 150 languages. This vital service is always carried out by proofreaders and editors who are native speakers of your target language.

The “safety nets”

Translation accuracy verification (more than 150 languages)
Specialist text terminology check
Meticulous software & “human” attention to spelling accuracy
Stylistic analysis & fine-tuning
Text drafting and redrafting

If you wish to benefit from our expert services, or have any questions, please contact us.
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