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Quality assurance

Knowledge - Experience - Control

Thanks to our many years' experience and an innovative approach to management, Loquax meets the highest standards in translation & project implementation. The basis for efficient operation and genuine professionalism in doing any translation jobs is precise HR vetting procedures; implementation and production methodology that cover assiduous examination of language material, terminology verification, style editing; and final visual material inspection. Loquax quality assurance policy on service practice, production and quality control is constantly being improved upon.

By seeking satisfactory standards in our work, we strive to fully meet your expectations.

We vaulted into prominence in the language communication industry through our
Personalised client treatment
Highest standards in our translation jobs
Customised pricing policy
Perfect logistics of contract servicing
Effective and skilful communication with the client
Providing global services
Reliability and ability to meet deadlines

You can count on Loquax for the highest quality service and total satisfaction from projects we implement for you

If you have any questions, please contact us.
Quality & price
Superior quality doesn't have to mean high translation costs. Outstanding translation quality is connected with complex quality control of the conversion process, external language consultation and, finally, demanding text verification. So there are a number of stages in the production process and commensurate completion costs. Our pricing and quality control policy aims at vaulting to unheard-of high levels of HR, operational efficiency and ergonomic working procedures. This creates the highest quality of target material, while maintaining good value for money.

Urgency & Price
Exceptionally, unexpectedly fast turn-round may incur additional translation costs, especially when our specialists are required to work nights. We quote them individually after first assessing the assignment's practicability, level of required expertise & intended use.

Express Translation Service
Maximum speed shouldn't reduce product quality. To satisfy the client’s expectations on deadlines & on assessing feasibility and workability, Loquax has introduced the Express Translation Service. Thanks to dependable translators, and the logistics we have developed, Loquax is able to complete massive translation projects, even in a relatively short time, while maintaining the highest quality.

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