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Website translation and localisation programme

If you’re fishing for someone to translate and localise your website (or your client's) into YOUR (or their) target language, you’ve just got a big bite!

Not only do Loquax translate websites expertly (language accuracy criteria always fully followed), we also guarantee a complete text acculturation. When translating and/or interpreting, we focus not only on every subtle and finely-nuanced aspect of your target country's language, but also on its culture.

Please bear in mind that so-called website ‘conversion’ means a lot more than just ‘translation’. In fact it involves many hours spent consulting with yourselves, then adapting and modifying the source material for language and graphic design. Meticulously simulating, pilot implementing and testing the final product for content, meaning and practical/operational effectiveness are essential to successfully localising your website.

Specialist Services

Translating website text is always by experienced and skilful native speakers of the target language, then checked and double checked by them to meet and exceed the highest publishing standards of the target country.
Believe us – we daren't take any chances! Look at the FACTFILE!
Preparing and converting a webmaster-friendly text version into a bilingual format so that it can be further modified without any difficulty.
Many people overlook this - we kid you not!
Formatting files into: .html, .php, .asp, .jsp, CGI, .jpg, .gif, .swf etc. so that they can be loaded into your server with ease.
We will do it for you – no trouble!
Testing target text content by testers simulating target audience - our testers are always native speakers of a target country, living! in a target country.
We work with the creme de la creme!
Adapting and harmonising website graphic design to the strict standards and aesthetic values of the target language and country.
We know what’s what!
Testing target text content by “mystery shoppers” simulating target audience – BELIEVE IT OR NOT, WE DO EMPLOY TESTERS! Our testers are always native speakers of a target country, living in YOUR target country.
We work with the creme de la creme!
Testing business, industry and branch content by our field-experts in that specific industry or branch and who are also native speakers of a target language.
The cream joined forces!
Operational service testing in the target country. Highest quality guaranteed!
By commissioning us to localise your Internet services, you can be certain that the effect will be stunning! The localised material will sure be of great linguistic and visual value which will sell your product or service, inform the world you are there and be something of which you can be totally proud!

If you’d like us to translate and localise your website, .

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